Valuations Day on 20th May

Do you have an up to date insurance valuation for your jewellery? We’re having an Insurance Valuations Day on 20th May. Our resident expert, Phil Withington, will be on hand and may be able to carry out some insurance valuations while you wait.

Please email or call us on 01722 324395 for more details or to make an appointment.

It’s important to keep your jewellery valuations up to date as many household insurance policies stipulate that higher value items should be separately detailed. If you haven’t had your jewellery valued recently you may be shocked to find that in the event of a claim you are substantially under insured. For example, many wedding and engagement rings will be above some policy limits.


An insurance valuation provides the client with a fully described schedule illustrated with photographs. Extensive research is entered into in order to give an accurate assessment of the replacement value of an article. Where possible this will be in terms of a brand new replacement value. In the case of an antique item or irreplaceable item, the cost to replace with a similar or equivalent item. The valuation can be used to list the item on a household or specialist insurance policy. It does not constitute an offer to purchase the goods.


Many people are unaware that they are under insured. Insurance companies are experts in insurance but not necessarily in jewellery valuations. Some household policies may index link home contents policies and while this may be sufficient for everyday items it will not be suitable for jewellery which may have experienced higher inflation. You may not realise that you are under insured until you need to make a claim.

In the event of total loss or theft an insurance valuation also details what it actually was that you may wish to claim for. It documents its existence and allows the insured party to put in a reasonable claim. Without documentation many people may actually underestimate the amount they need to claim.


Phil Withington is our resident valuations expert and is a member of the National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers.


Fees are charged on a per item basis. The minimum fee for the first item is £60, which includes initial consultation, digital images, presentation folder and documentation. Each subsequent item is £40. Fees may be higher in the case of more complex items, which may require extra testing or analysis, and in this case fees would be subject to quotation.

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