Beautiful Tanzanite For Christmas Eve

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It's Christmas Eve and time to open the last door of our advent calendar to reveal a beautiful tanzanite and diamond pendant. This beautiful pendant sells for £4290 and the tanzanite is set with diamonds in 18ct white gold and hangs from a diamond set chain.

Tanzanite is December's birthstone. It's cool hues ranging from blues to violet, it suits many different skin tones and would make the perfect Christmas gift.

All of us here at H R Tribbeck & Son would like to take the opportunity to thank all our wonderful and valued customers.

We wish all of you a truly magical Christmas and a happy new year to come.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Tanzanite For Christmas Eve”

    1. Thank you Sylvia, that’s a nice anecdote. If you’re in Salisbury pop into the shop and we’ll give them a free clean for you. Have a lovely Christmas! (Jon Tribbeck).

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